Onsite Dental and Podiatric Care for Seniors in the San Francisco Bay Area - Tranquility Health

Onsite Dental and Podiatric Care

Serving residents in the comfort of their senior living
communities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
A Tranquil Treatment Experience

A Tranquil Treatment Experience

Tranquility Health manages onsite ancillary dental and podiatric services to residents of senior living communities. We serve residents of independent living facilities, assisted living communities, nursing homes, and continuing care retirement communities.

We promise a tranquil experience for your facility and residents. We deliver our services as conscientious guests in your community, without disrupting the day-to-day flow. Thank you for inviting us into your home, and trusting us with your residents’ care!

Treatment Performed by Qualified Doctors

Treatment by Doctors

All of our services are provided by certified doctors with the highest level of expertise and extensive experience in working with elders. All of our doctors are Certified Dementia Providers.
Comprehensive Care

Comprehensive Care

Our doctors come with all equipment necessary to provide onsite comprehensive care in your living community. We offer a full range of services including emergency treatments and bedside care.
Highest Safety Standards

Highest Safety Standards

To ensure adherence to the highest compliance standards of long-term care facilities, we follow all CDC, OSHA, and HIPAA guidelines and implement strict sterilization protocols and COVID policies.
Compassionate Care for the Residents of Your Community

Founded and Operated by Doctors

Dr. Amanda Amaro founded Tranquility Health to improve access to care within senior living facilities. She discovered this need first hand when her own grandmother struggled to obtain emergency dental treatment at 101-years old!

There are many risks to transferring residents to a medical office, so the ability to bring comprehensive care directly into their home is essential. Onsite care allows residents to be seen in a comfortable and familiar environment, while reducing transportation costs.

Founded and Operated by Doctors

Streamlined Process for Senior Living Communities

No Fee for Communities

Enjoy the convenience of an onsite care team that directly services the needs of your residents at no extra cost to your facility.

Full Onsite Care

Our licensed doctors provide comprehensive care at your facility, saving you transportation costs for offsite care.

Patient Coordination

We coordinate all scheduling and billing directly with residents’ families through an established, robust infrastructure.

Compliance Help

We help your facility stay compliant with regulations by providing same-day consult notes, staff training, and audit reports.
Director of Social Services

“Tranquility Health delivers a tremendous service to our residents! Not only do they provide comprehensive care with empathy and compassion, but they are also specially trained to treat our memory care residents. Clearly, this is a labor of love. Our residents look forward to visits by the Tranquility Health team!”