Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Are you providing care in a van or in the home?

We are not a van operation. Tranquility Health’s affiliated doctors arrive with portable equipment to provide comprehensive care within your senior living community.

My loved one cannot get out of bed/wheelchair - can you provide care?

Absolutely. We frequently provide bedside care and care to clients using a wheelchair.

My loved one has Dementia/Alzheimer’s - can you treat him/her?

Yes. We specialize in care for clients with memory care concerns and have specific training to meet these needs. Our affiliated doctors are Certified Dementia Practitioners.

Do you accept insurance?

Tranquility Health does not accept insurance. However, we assist our clients in filing claims by providing them with ledgers (receipts) that indicate the services provided and allow them to submit claims. Clients are then reimbursed directly by the insurance companies.

How are payments made for services provided?

Payment is made via credit card and is part of our registration forms. Payment will be processed as procedures are completed. All procedures require prior authorization.

How do I schedule a first appointment?

Download and complete the patient forms on our website. Alternatively, call (925) 644-2700. Forms will be emailed to you, and upon completion, your visit will be scheduled.

Why are the registration forms necessary?

We provide forms in order to comply with state law, HIPAA, and to provide us with the information necessary to provide safe and effective care.

These forms ask a great deal of personal information. How do I know this information will be protected?

Your data is safe and secure with our HIPAA compliant patient management software, as well as our secure hosting site.

Do you provide emergency care?

We typically arrange for emergency care within 24 hours and make every effort to treat the emergency at that visit, with our primary focus being pain management.

Do you practice infection control?

In addition to following all CDC, OSHA, and HIPAA guidelines, Tranquility Health employs third-party biological testing for sterilization and maintains OSAP (Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention) membership.  Whenever possible, we use disposable (one-time use) products while providing care. All providers are fully COVID vaccinated.

Dental FAQ

What types of dental services can you provide?

Tranquility Health’s affiliated dentists provide most dental services that a traditional office provides. This includes exams, digital x-rays, cleanings, fillings, crowns and bridges, extractions, dentures, and more.

What dental services does Tranquility Health provide in a first visit?

A first visit typically includes: comprehensive dental examination, oral cancer screening, periodontal (gums) evaluation, digital x-rays and diagnosis, treatment plan, basic dental cleaning, and a topical fluoride treatment.

The fee for this treatment is $389.00

Re-care appointment fee: $356.00

If the dentist finds that additional treatment is needed, will that treatment be performed at that time?

We require prior authorization from a responsible party before any additional treatment is provided. We place an emphasis on communication so that all parties understand, prior to treatment, which treatment options are available, what those options entail, and the fees associated with each treatment option.