Focused on Senior Communities

Bringing Specialized Care to Your Residents

Serving Retirement Communities, Nursing Homes in San Francisco - Tranquility HealthTranquility Health is much more than simply onsite ancillary healthcare services. We also offer unique benefits. For instance, we are happy to coordinate care with your in-house medical team, and we work together to compile individualized treatment plans for each patient.

We don’t create extra work for you. In fact, we take care of all billing, communication with families/responsible parties, and scheduling. We can even obtain medical and dental records from former care providers if requested.

Our fees are transparent. We will always confirm all fees with each patient/responsible party prior to each appointment.

See what sets us apart for both residents and communities.

Your Benefits

Our healthcare providers are compassionate professionals who enjoy working with elders. We truly care about your residents and always treat them with respect and dignity. Additionally, we provide these benefits:

  • There are no initiation fees or setup fees for your community.
  • All of your residents are eligible for our care.
  • We can provide complimentary oral hygiene training to your nursing staff.
  • Our customer service is exceptional. We are extremely responsive to our clients.
  • Our front desk answers phone calls by hand, developing caring relationships with everyone we work with.

Ready to get started or have questions? Please contact us at (925) 644-2700.