Our Difference for Senior Living Communities

High-Quality, Compassionate Care for Your Residents

What Sets Us Apart for Senior Living Communities - Tranquility HealthSenior Living Communities that partner with Tranquility Health reap the many benefits of our expertise and experience. Our doctors are Certified Dementia Practitioners, and patients always receive one-on-one care from our doctors. Additionally, our technology and equipment are state-of-the-art, so we can bring the finest in onsite care to your facility. For example:

  • Our Aseptico portable dental unit is a compact GO model (35 lbs) but fully regulatory compliant. The unit has universal voltage inputs and is completely certified for electrical safety.
  • We also feature portable x-rays and digital sensors. The portable x-ray system is digital and uses low-dose radiation, much lower than conventional x-ray units. These radiographs are valuable diagnostic tools and feed directly into our portable laptops for diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Our intraoral digital cameras are useful for diagnostics and allow us to illustrate the situation inside our patients’ mouths to patients and responsible parties on our laptops. This ability helps create trust and transparency while educating patients and responsible parties on the treatment process.
  • The world’s tiniest commercial ultrasonic cleaners are also in our toolkit. Our ultrasonic cleaners are excellent for removing debris and stains from dentures. These cleaners feature stack transducers along with disposable PET cups to eliminate cross-contamination.

Our Equipment: Aseptico Portable Unit, Portable X-Ray Unit & Digital Sensor, Intraoral Camera, Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Additional Benefits

Here are some further benefits that Tranquility Health provides:

Comprehensive Services: We deliver comprehensive care. These encompassing services mean that you’ll need fewer outside referrals.

Safety and Compliance: We meet or exceed all federal, state, and local guidelines, including CDC, OSHA, and HIPAA. We also employ third-party biological testing for sterilization. Tranquility Health wants to ensure The Safest Dental Visit, so we maintain OSAP (Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention) membership. View our stringent COVID Safety Protocols.

Personalized Support for Senior Living Communities: We are always happy to assist with compliance audits and staff training. You’ll find that we maintain a robust infrastructure to eliminate administrative burdens and maximize responsiveness. For example, we don’t use an answering service or a robotic phone menu. Instead, our office answers phone calls by hand, developing caring relationships with everyone we work with. See what sets us apart for communities.

Discreet Footprint: Tranquility Health promises a tranquil experience for your facility and residents. We deliver our dental services as conscientious guests in your living community without disrupting the day-to-day flow.

We’re happy to answer any inquiries you may have. Simply give us a call at (925) 644-2700 now.